Testimonial - How to sell and Unused Inventory

Candace Hadley , Salon Sophia
Itex has truly helped me gain new customers and sales for both my Clothing Store and also for my Hair Salon. This is so invaluable to me because it has truly helped both of my businesses become much more successful, in general, as I have gained many of the Itex members as my new customers! I wouldn’t normally have these new customers if it wasn’t for Itex and it’s members. So I couldn’t be Happier that I’m in the Itex Trade Network :). And another way Itex has really been valuable to me, is when I needed to move-on big portions of my Clothing Store’s Inventory. I had an over abundance of inventory at the time, and I was able to sell all of my extra inventory through our Itex Network in a very short period of time. It was incredible! And on top of this..... I was able to sell it at a much higher price through Itex than I would have been able to, outside of the Trade Market. So needless to say..... I am so Happy to be an Itex Member!! In addition..... You and Bill have been the BEST