Sandra Harshman


SANDRA HARSHMAN Broker-Franchise Owner

Sandra Harshman is a one of a kind. Sandra started her career as a Tax Accountant working for various firms in the Boise area including Touche' Ross ( a Big 8 Firm) . Eventually she opened her own practice and later sold the practice to venture into marketing. This is where she came alive and found that she was very much a people person and was better at connecting with people than numbers. Sandra has authored two books- ...Done!!! a business book on how to earn and keep money and also a cookbook called Eating Light.

Sandra lived in Maui Hawaii and worked for a publishing company called Guest Informant in Woodland Hills California. Her duties included selling high end advertising in an Up-Scale Hard Cover Publication that was a coffee Table publication in all of the Upper End Hotels in Maui. Although she worked on Many Publications bringing the count to 4 this is first when she was exposed to Trade. Sandra was responsible for putting together an island wide Conceirge' Get together twice a year. Once she even traded out for a Cruise Ship for over 2500 people. Eventually she moved back to Boise and started a magazine called the Tourist and sold this publication when she and her husband William became an ISO on the Visa-Mastercard Processing Platform and started Charge 2 Card. After 16 years this business was also sold.

Today William and Sandra own FCX-DNA which is a company that produces a DNA skin care line. It is through this business that they belonged to over 10 Trade Exchanges domestically and Internationally. They love to exchange and in 2013 were Hosts on a Live Radio Show along with Bob Prentice ( a National Motivational Speaker) called Bartertown Radio. Bartertown Radio was about interviewing people affiliated with Trading, Authors of Books, Movie Stars, Barter owners, Barter Members, the President of IRTA and NATE . Upon William's retirement in March of 2017 we decided to jump in with both feet and buy and ITEX Franchise.   And Now you Know the Rest of the Story ........