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Bill and I have two businesses that we operate.


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We were a members of ITEX for several  years and we loved the Trade Exchange so much and also knowing that ITEX was the largest and the BEST TRADE EXCHANGE in the US and Canada we decided to buy a Franchise. July 1, 2017. So We are a member and also a Franchise Owner .

Please find a description of the first business we own and the products we sell on the ITEX website.

SANDRA HARSHMAN -Broker-Franchise Owner

FCX-DNA – New DNA Specific Cosmetic Line Targets the Unique 1% of DNA.

FCX-DNA to Announce the Forthcoming Diet Products. Your Skin Your Body

Your Genes You can purchase these unique products and the skin tightening hand held spa on ITEX. 

FCX-DNA anti aging Cosmetics and Diet Products target that 1% uniqueness of the Human DNA.

Your Skin Your Body Your Genes.

Boise, ID, March 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- A revolutionary FDA-approved DNA personalized cosmetic

line is being brought to the public by Full Circle Rewards Inc and referred to as FCX-DNA and the

spokesperson for the company is founder and CEO Sandra J. Harshman.

FCX-DNA has the exclusive marketing rights to market and sell the products.

Creating the vision of FCX-DNA is the newly appointed CEO, Founder and President Sandra Harshman.

Ms. Harshman, one of the first female accountants in Idaho has worked as a tax accountant and

comptroller for companies such as Touche Ross & Company and Pepsi Cola Corporation. Ms. Harshman

was an MSP (merchant service provider) and Credit Card Issuer for 17 years. Ms. Harshman is the

recipient of the National Business Women of the Year Award in 2003 as well as a publisher and author.

These DNA products offer potent nutrient blends of vitamins, minerals and other natural extracts to delay

skin aging, protect skin from DNA damage caused by UV radiation and environmental pollutants, prevent

premature skin aging, stimulate skin cell regeneration, and provide optimal skin nourishing and





Bill and Sandra opened a corporation called Full Circle Rewards LLC and under this corporate structure we have 2 businesses FCX-DNA which is a DNA specific skin care line that is private labeled and sold to spas.

Prior to this they owned a Business called Charge 2 Card Coporation and they were an (ISO) Independent Sales Organization of Visa and Mastercard and implemented the creation of Visa Mastercard Private Label cards for Banks and Credit Unions. This business was sold in 2009.

The other business they bought was a Broker Franchise in the ITEX Corporation. ITEX is a national trade exchange of over 150,000 businesses nationwide. They currently operate the Boise-Eagle area in Idaho and the Maui Hawaii area. Also during this time Sandra hosted a Radio Show along with Bob Prentice, a National Motivational Speaker called Bartertown Radio which precipitated the acquisition of the ITEX Franchise.

 Bill and Sandra are avaialble to work with regarding any information that you may have a client, member or a new a member for purchase of products or services.



BILL HARSHMAN-Broker- Franchise Owner

Bill spent 43 years at Idaho Power as a Journeyman Meter Technician and Journeyman Underground Lineman. He started at Idaho Power the month after graduating from high school. He obtained his Applied Science Degree at Boise State University in 2006. Bill had many years of ongoing educational training for his position at Idaho Power and officially retired on March 1st of 2017. He can repair almost anything and fabricates parts as needed. He commonly modifies assembly instructions and finds more appropriate ways to build something. He has been a collector of classic cars since 1978.  He has currently downsized to a 1977 and 1978 Trans Am. He is looking forward to getting his 1966 Ford F100 up and running. It was his father’s first new pickup truck. He loves building things and solving problems.

While Sandra was operating the credit card business Bill was the ATM and phone line installer. He also performed the encryption upgrades for the ATM machines and other duties as required.

“We have utilized barter for many years and love the barter industry. We are very excited to become brokers for the ITEX Corporation. We have aligned ourselves with the most professional and robust leader in the barter industry. We look forward to working with the ITEX family and helping the family grow. We believe it is all about helping one another.”

Bill and Sandra have 2 daughters and one Son in-law along with 9 grandchildren ranging in age from 10 to 31. We also have 5 great grandchildren rangin in age from 12- 1  and we live in Eagle, Idaho and winters in Maui, Hawaii.

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